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Miniplane Paramotors

Flying Paragliders

Miniplane Paramotor
Please note: We sell to USA only!


Instruments for Flying


TTO Trail Tech Tachometer/Hour Meter

  • 4 different functions (tachometer, hour, time, and accumulated flight time) 
  • A front button to switch between the different functions
  • Tracks total hours on motor, non-resettable
  • Measures tach up to 20,000 RPM in real time
  • Measure and records max RPM, resettable. Note: Max RPM stays visible for a max of 5 seconds
  • Spinning-arrow activity icon
  • Adjustable settings for Fast/Slow updates, Hi/low spark sensitivity (for electrical noise suppression)
  • 99,999 Hour Digital Display
  • Peel-n-Stick or Bolt-on
  • Works on all Gas Engines with a Spark Plug


Price: $54.00




TTO Trail Tech Temperature Meter

  • Available in 10mm and 14mm sizes: 10mm version is for new Miniplanes (CR9EB Spark Plugs), and 14mm is for old Miniplanes/Minari/Moster and most other engines
  • Remove crush washer from your spark plug
  • Replace crush washer with temp. sensor and install plug
  • All instructions included
  • User selectable display: 30-500°F or 0-260°C
  • Measures current and maximum temperature, resettable
  • Spinning-arrow activity icon
  • Flashing dot indicates 6 second sample rate
  • Peel-n-Stick or Bolt-on
  • Waterproof
  • Black color
  • Wire is approx 29" long, an Extension is available in our eBay Store


Price: $54.00



TTO Trail Tech Temperature Meter Wire Extension

  • Trail Tech Temperature Sensor Extension Wire
    Can be used with Vapors, Vectors & TTO Temperature meters.
  • Available in 24", 48" or 72" lengths

Price: $15.00