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Miniplane Simonini 140cc & Rigid Cage ABM



The new Miniplane Simonini 140cc ABM Paramotor is a good compromise between a light and a very powerful machine.

This paramotor satisfies pilots who need higher thrust than the Top 80 delivers -with thrust numbers of up to 60+ kg.

An easy-to-start engine that has minimal vibrations and an amazingly quiet sound level, with a perfect balance between lightness and power. Total weight is only 50.5 lbs.

Wide Body? Make your Miniplane more comfortable with our ABM Spacers, available in 10 or 20mm sizes.


Planning for a typical pilot utilizing this machine, we have chosen to equip this paramotor with:

New Miniplane 140 cm Rigid Cage and Classic Frame, which allows the use of a 130 cm propeller without problems while performing a power launch takeoff technique! Also available as an option is a large 18 liter tank that allows long flights.



  • Helix 130cm composite propeller
  • Rigid 140 cm 2 parts (pictured) or L1 flex cage
  • 12 liter fuel tank - Optional 18 liter tank
  • Total weight: 50.5 (rigid cage)

Miniplane Simonini 140cc with Rigid Cage ABM: $7450

  • Reaming: 58 mm
  • Stroke: 52 mm
  • Displacement: 138 cc
  • Compression ratio: 12.5 / 1
  • Consumption at 6500 rpm: 2.5 liters / hour
  • Power at 8000 rpm: 20hp
  • Static thrust: Over 60kg

Simonini 140cc Engine