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Miniplane Paramotor




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Minari Engine: Cylinder Parts

For clarity, please see the Minari M9 Expanded Diagram (PDF). Diagram part numbers are in parentheses (00) on parts below.



Minari Cooling Shroud

  • Cylinder Cooling Shroud for the Minari engines
  • Price: $119.00


Minari Crank Shaft & Roller Bearing Assembly N002.14 (A)

  • Complete Crank Shaft & Bearing Assembly
  • 16x20x23
  • For Non-Clutched Engine
  • Price: $359.00

Minari Piston Bearing 15164.81 (2)

  • Price: $38.00

Minari Piston Kit 57608.02 (3)

  • Complete Piston Kit for Minari F1-M9
  • Price: $216.00

Minari Cylinder & Piston Kit N001.00 (B)

  • Price: $546.00

Minari Piston Rod Springs ANEL16 (5)

  • Price: $3.00

Minari Cylinder Gasket 57605.33/020 (7)

  • Cylinder Gasket for Minari
  • Price: $5.00

Minari Cylinder N001.01 (8)

  • Cylinder for Minari
  • Price: $363.00

Minari Head O Ring 7276.38 (10)

  • Head O Ring for Minari Engine
  • Price: $6.00

Minari Piston Rings (set of 2) 57605.16 (6)

  • Pair of Piston Rings for Minari Engine
  • Same for 180cc & 200cc engines
  • Price: $54.00

Minari Cylinder Head N003.04 (11)

  • Cylinder Head for Minari Engine
  • Price: $165.00


Minari Cylinder Bolts PR108150.98 (9)

  • Cylinder Bolts for Minari Engine
  • Price: $10.00

Minari Cylinder Gasket Set N002.03 (E)

  • Kit contains:
  • 1 - Cylinder Gasket
  • 1 - Head O Ring
  • 1 - Exhaust Gasket
  • Price: $24.00

Minari Exhaust Flange Gasket 57608.36 (16)

Minari Exhaust Studs, pair 99021.98 (17)

  • For Exhaust/Cylinder Connection
  • Price: $8.00

Minari Drive Cog Key 63103.76 (19)

  • Drive Cog Key
  • Price: $5.00

Minari Crank Shaft Bearings and Seals, set N001.26 (20)

  • Price: $138.00

Minari Crankcase, N001.50 (21)

  • Minari requires that crank seals and bearings listed above be installed at the factory in order to warranty the crankcase
  • Price: $485.00

Minari Carb Tube Fitting, N001.42 (22)

  • Price: $14.00


Minari Crankcase Bolt Set N014.87 (42)

  • Set of six (6)
  • Price: $10.00

Minari Throttle Bracket N003.94 (38)

  • Bracket for Throttle Attachment
  • Price: $5.00