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Miniplane Minari Assembly:


Miniplane Paramotor
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Miniplane Minari Paramotor


Assembly: Cage - (Cage Parts)

When assembling the Cage of your new Miniplane Minari Paramotor, please give yourself plenty of room to complete the necessary steps, especially the Fiberglass Ring portion, about 7 feet on each side should be sufficient.

Begin the Cage assembly by screwing the Upper Sticks Assembly (A) together as shown. Insert the Upper Sticks Assembly into the top of the Frame and secure them with the Frame Clips. Screw the four Side Sticks (B) into the Frame and make sure the netting is on the pilot's side of these Side Sticks.

Insert the Fiberglass Propeller Ring into the Netting, making sure to insert and thread through the Plastic Rod T Fitting for each section. Be sure to fully seat the Fiberglass Ring without catching the netting in the insert. You should hear a "tock" sound when the rod is fully inserted. Failure to fully seat the Fiberglass Propeller Ring will result in possible damage to the rods and bushings, and possibly worse. When properly inserted, the Netting should cover all but 1.5" of the Fiberglass Ring, the portion covered by the plastic bushing that will be inserted into the base of the Frame.

Position yourself so that you have good leverage and can perform the insertion of the Propeller Ring into the base of the Frame in one easy motion. Putting one foot on the base of the Frame and holding the frame may make this easier, as the force of the Fiberglass Ring can tip your motor over if not held properly. Find a position that allows continuous and complete movement to complete the bend and insertion into the Frame.

In order to properly insert the Fiberglass Ring into the base of the Frame, you will need to "lean" on the lower arc of the Fiberglass Ring with your elbow to porperly align the lower bushing with the receptacle. Your hand is not strong enough to make this bend. Make sure that the Ring is fully inserted into the base of the Frame. Never leave the Ring partially or improperly inserted, release the bend to the starting position again and start the process again, if needed.

Once the Fiberglass Cage Ring is properly assembled, move the Plastic T Fittings into position near the ends of the Side Sticks. Ensure that the Netting is on the Pilot side of the Side Sticks, then insert each Side Stick into their T Fittings, giving each a tap to make sure they are seated. To remove the T Fittings from the Side Stick, use an adjustable wrench adjusted to the width of the Side Stick. Catch the T Fitting with the wrench and gently pull the T Fitting off of the Side Stick.

Pull the Starter Handle and Starter Pulley up from the Pull Starter (behind the Harness) and attach the Pulley to the Inox Hook and slide the Pulley into it.

The next step in the assembly is the Netting.