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Miniplane Moster 185 Plus


Miniplane Moster Plus
with Rigid Cage & Clutch!

Miniplane-USA is pleased to offer the Vittorazi Moster 185 Paramotor!

We have now added the Moster Plus 185cc Manual and Dual Start to the line of engines available on the Classic Miniplane frame.

The light and perfectly balanced Miniplane Classic Frame has proven itself over the years as a favorite for many pilots. Adding the Vittorazi Moster Plus engine is a natural evolution towards serving the needs of the community.

The Vittorazi Moster family of engines has become one of the most popular and trusted motors in the paramotor industry for heavier pilots needing a significant amount of power for their flying pursuits.

The ABM Low-Hangpoint Harness system handles the torque really well, it's a completely different feel than when this motor is mounted on other frames - very balanced, very light and climbs straight even at full throttle as a result of the ABM arms.

Options - Basic unit comes with Miniplane Harness and Wood Propeller (Apco SLT (Super Light) or SupAir Harness, E-Prop, Helix or Yueny Propellers are options).

The ABM arms are "bent" in the opposite direction than the Top 80 and Polini 130cc units, as the Moster is a belt drive, and turns the prop in the opposite direction than the gearbox redrive. The frame is specific to the Moster, and will not work for other engines (you can't swap Top 80/Polini/Minari/Moster).

Miniplane Moster Plus Paramotor

(shown with optional Apco harness and E-Prop)

The Moster Plus 185 incorporates a clutch, and this is why we have chosen this engine for our lineup. We fell that the addition of the clutch is a significant step towards safety and versatility in paramotor engine design. Learn about the Dark Evolution, read more about the Vittorazi Moster Plus 185 below, then get ready to experience this awesome new Paramotor!


  • Light - Only 53 lbs dry weight for the Manual Start!
  • Balanced - Moster Plus engine sits close to your back!
  • Starting - Easy Manual starting with a well primed engine!
  • Quiet - Listen to the engine at cruise RPM!
  • Powerful - Watch the climb rate in the short video below!
  • Inexpensive - One of the most reasonably priced units available!
  • Options - Basic unit comes with Apco SLT (Super Light) Harness and Wood Propeller (Miniplane or SupAir Harness, E-Prop, Helix or Yueny Propellers are options).
  • Dual Start - Now available in DUAL Start: Both Manual & Electric!

Have a look at a short clip of this new paramotor:

Wide Body? Make your Miniplane more comfortable with our ABM Spacers, available in 10 or 20mm sizes.


The Dark Evolution - Moster Plus 185

Miniplane Rigid Moster Paramotor

(shown with optional E-Prop)

Moster 185 Plus. The smallest and most powerful engine in its category.

Vittorazi is happy to present its new Moster 185 line engine series, the 2016 Dark Evolution, commemorating its 20th year of activity and accomplishment in the field of paramotor production.

The new line includes the Classic, Silent and Plus versions and it presents, in addition to aesthetic improvements, several innovations that enhance further the Moster 185 technical characteristics.


Dark Evolution -

Its total black dress is what catches your attention at first: the black castings, transmission, head and exhaust pipe convey elegance and determination, and these black elements are the background to details in bright orange, the Vittorazi's brand representative color.

Reliability comes first - Testing the Moster 185 engine. Vittorazi Motors’ attitude is to always test its products beyond their regular limits. Each couple of months, a standard engine is picked up from our regular production and it is tested beyond its standard limits for 5 hours between 6000 and 8700 RPM without being stopped at all. See the results!


The real innovation is the technological evolution used in this new series production for the Plus version:

  • New Clutch - machined from solid material, obtained through CNC machining of highly resistant alloy steel; very precise in geometry and weight.
  • Evolution of the 3S Starter - Soft Starter System: all the starter components are made through injection molding. The new geometrical shape optimizes the lightness and strength of the structure.
  • New Carbon Fiber Silencer - using this material has allowed the reduction of the engine weight by 70 grams. Also, it has conveyed an aggressive look and a definitely racingŁ sound to the engine.
  • New Painting of Castings - (carter and engine support): a paint specifically tested for engines that is resistant to high temperatures has been used, offering greater protection and safety against the oxides caused by atmospheric agents.
  • New Cooling Conveyor - made of carbon fiber and a cylinder head, specifically redesigned to facilitate its installation on the engine.

With the latest addition to the Moster range, Vittorazi introduces a further innovation and offers the best value for weight, power, thrust, comfort, quietness and reliability available on the market.


The main added value of this new version is the clutch.

This integrated device significantly reduces vibrations at idle speed and it increases safety during pre-flight routine (propeller at rest). The vibrations are almost imperceptible at all engine speeds, while the weight distribution and the size of the engine minimize the torque effect.

The other notable improvement has been achieved with the introduction of the new exhaust system, extremely quiet and performing at the same time. The entire engine has been designed to obtain the minimum noise emission, which is attenuated by the air box, the transmission belt, a special "Db-killer" silencer, and the choice of the best propellers.

The "soft starter system" (3S) is one of the new advantages. It is a manual start system that allows the engine to start, both in flight and on the ground, with a single pull through the use of only one hand.

The Moster 185 plus structure is basic and simple and it has a compact design (ideal and easy for control operations and maintenance). The total weight of the engine is 14.2 kg in the manual start version. The "plug & play" installation of the engine is quick and easy. The cooling of the thermal group is secured by propellers with dedicated profiles and exclusively designed for the Moster. The compatibility of specific propellers is recommended for the Plus version.

Vittorazi has also developed, for use in hot climates or other specific uses of the engine such as tandem or competition, a special cylinder head covering designed for this engine. This allows to the cylinder head to significantly increase the cooling, reducing the operating temperature.

The engine develops a maximum power of 25HP at 7,800 RPM. Vittorazi agrees to communicate the values of power, weight and static thrust in accordance with the actual values measured.

The Vittorazi Moster Plus 185 Paramotor is recommended for a total weight of pilot + paramotor or trike ranging from 100 to 160 kg. The thrust is smooth and linear up to 75 kg with a 130 cm propeller (70 kg with a 122cm propeller).

The fuel consumption of this engine is significantly reduced, about 4.0 liters/hour during a cruise flight.

Thanks to the specific Walbro/Vittorazi diaphragm carburetor, the engine is not affected by rough handling or bouncing during takeoff, turbulence in flight or even spiral dives, and it maintains a constant idle speed.

See the Vittorazi Moster Plus Engine Specifications here.

Miniplane Moster 185 Plus Manual Start: $7500


Miniplane Moster 185 Plus Dual Start: $8000


Rigid Cage Miniplane Moster 185 Plus Manual Start: $7600


Rigid Cage Miniplane Moster 185 Plus Dual Start: $8100


Options - Basic unit comes with Miniplane Harness and Wood Propeller. (E-Prop, Helix or Yueny Propellers are options).