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Pre-Owned Paramotors

Scout Glossy Carbon Fiber Moster 185 Paramotor

Featuring the Powerful Moster Plus 185 Engine from Vittorazi


7 year old Scout Glossy Carbon Fiber Paramotor with repairs from losing the unit from a trailer hitch rack on the road. Some spars were replaced and others repaired (see photos below). Harness is faded and scratched, but functional. Netting is needing replacement on one section (requires replacing across 5 Hoop sections by rivets). Prop is slightly scraped before spacer installed, see photos below (completely usable as is).


From the web:

Scout paramotors changed the flying world in 2013 with its debut of the Scout Carbon Paramotor proclaiming itself the "Ultimate handling machine."

There's two major design features unique to Scout that have always set them apart from others on the market, giving the pilot an intuitive in-flight feel that can be found nowhere else:

Advanced Geometry
Paramotor "geometry," or more simply put - "design layout" is something that was largely overlooked by manufacturers, professional pilots, and instructors alike for decades prior to the advent of the Scout. Chief designer Miroslav Svec analyzed early in his flying career what paramotor features contributed to different characteristics (favorable and unfavorable) in all the old designs, and optimized the Scout's frame/harness/hangpoint layout to bring a balanced and intuitive in-flight feel. There are several factors that go into the final design, but some of our favorites are:

  • Optimal relationship between prop and hang points for minimal acceleration pitch or "bucking." Propeller placement at 0deg/horizontal in flight - this reduces gyroscopic effects of torque and optimizes thrust-line. With standard "reclined" prop designs, torque is felt in the yaw axis (torque twist), and the thrust line pushes you up, unloading the glider and wasting forward thrust.
  • Built-in recline angle from prop-to-pilot, for optimal seating position while maintaining horizontal thrust line. Standard paramotors are parallel, forcing you to either sacrifice comfort or efficiency.
  • Lightweight, aerodynamic full carbon fiber cage - less drag and less “swing weight” making for an efficient, tight flying package that follows your turns in the air. Tight!

The Scout team produced an amazing Youtube video series all about paramotor design and technology that helps pilots understand the subtle design features that contribute to the flying characteristics of all paramotors. Check it out by searching YouTube for Insights into Paramotor Geometry.

Dynamic Torque Compensation
Second is the method in which the Scout deals with torque. All paramotors have a method of doing so, usually involving mechanical, lateral offset (torque offsets) of the pilot/machine relative to the glider. This has some serious side-effects; namely your machine will always want to turn one way at idle, and the other way at full power. It will be perfectly balanced at a “design RPM” - usually at cruise power. For all other throttle settings, the offsets have variable levels of success but the farther you get from cruise RPM, the worse it feels. This leads to oscillations, over corrections, strange methods and postures for correction, inefficiency of weight shift/turns, having a "strong side" to turn to, and bunch of other mysterious passive inputs that the pilot is unable to discern - yet still has to deal with.

With Dynamic Torque Compensation (DTC), airflow passes over the specially-shaped hand-laid carbon fiber spars, counteracting the effect of torque on the engine at a much wider range of RPM. As thrust/airflow is increased, the anti-torque effect is increased. Of course no system is perfect - on quick accelerations there will be a fleeting "acceleration torque" felt, but the system balances out within seconds. At idle throttle while flying at very fast speeds (on very small sporty gliders), the DTC spars can contribute to a slight turn against the torque, but the range of RPM settings in which torque is balanced is considerably wider than any other unit on the market, including those who have copycat or afterthought DTC systems.


This listing is for the USED Scout Glossy Carbon Fiber Moster Plus Paramotor only, no glider, helmet or training is included. This listing is for Certified Paramotor pilots only, you must be able to confirm this and verify with references prior to purchasing this item or confirm that you are an experienced Paramotor Pilot or are engaged in training with a certified Instructor. Thanks for looking and feel free to message us with any questions.




 Email or call or text Chad at 805-403-1859 for interest or questions regarding this paramotor.


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