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Miniplane Dealers:

Miniplane Paramotors

Miniplane Paramotor
Please note: We sell to USA only!


Miniplane Paramotor

Miniplane Dealers Wanted

Welcome to the Miniplane-USA New Dealer Info Page!

We are excited to consider your school for the US Miniplane Dealer Team, thank you for contacting us about this remarkable machine!

We do not grant exclusive regions or areas, but rather focus on supporting you and your school and client base directly. We do not want one instructor/school selling to another's customer, but rather be focused on their own clientele. We believe that each instructor should have access to the unit directly from us, the importer, as needed.

Dealers shall quote prices and sell units to their immediate client base, and shall rescind orders if they find that they have quoted to another dealer's client or student.

Miniplane-USA will sell parts directly to all customers at prices shown on the website unless Dealer desires to stock them. Dealers are not required to stock any parts, but we cannot offer commissions on parts ordered from us.

Dealer prices are located in a private Google Drive Spreadsheet. You will need to be approved first, then we will email you an invitation in order to view this.

Dealers wishing to pay via Credit Card or Paypal will have an extra charge of 3.5% added to the invoice, as we cannot bear these charges at wholesale prices. Check or Bank Transfer is preferred for this reason, or we also offer other fee-free payment options, thank you!

We have a Facebook page - Have a look and feel free to post your Miniplane photos and videos, especially the looks on your new students faces after their first solo! Look at the navbar on the left for links to these pages.

The Miniplane Paramotor is still the easiest, lightest and most reliable Powered Paraglider available today! We stock many complete units, plus all the parts for the frame & cage and the Top 80, Vittorazi and Minari engines, plus many great extras and accessories. We are looking forward to a great year ahead, and hope that you are as well. Please let us know how we can assist you in your business.

Blue skies,

Chad Bastian


Schools vs Dealers

Just a word about Dealers vs School: Our Dealers are also Instructors, most of them Certified. If they are not yet Certified, they are on the path to Certification for the simple reason that we want our Dealers to be able to offer Instruction to new clients that are not yet pilots. 

The vast majority of inquiries you will get will be from new clients wanting to get into the sport. Simply selling them a Paramotor would be a huge disservice to them and the PPG community. Many people have the mistaken idea that they can learn to fly a paramotor as easily as they can learn to ride a motorcycle. Flying is a unique activity with specific limitations and potential dangers. These challenges will only be safely navigated with a qualified Instructor using a comprehensive syllabus, combining ground school studies and practical skill days. 

Simply selling someone a paramotor, engine & frame or paraglider is just asking for trouble. As "natural" as some people are, there is just too much danger in selling them the gear without instruction.

The dealer should also able to provide support after the sale with assistance in assembling the paramotor, teaching safe starting techniques, breaking it in, keeping the engine running and help with long term maintenance considerations. 

Our Dealers are an integral part of our reputation in the flying community, and we take this seriously. The reward is that we are very highly regarded and many repeat and referral clients come to us as a result. We'd like for you to be a part of our team if you are up to the challenge!